Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Tad and I had such a wonderful Valentine's Day filled with food, food and more food. We decided this year to exchange cards only. What sweet cards they were, though. Tad opted for more of a letter because well, that's his style. He also made dinner for me, my mom and aunt Carol. These sweet ladies also got us the cutest little cookie cake. We're a pretty festive family. We're also a family that has a penchant for horror movies. We wrapped up the night with a little thriller Carol rented for us. How romantic, right?

Did I mention Klifford had a Valentine? Well he did. That lucky lady would be Tad's sister, Samantha. He posed for a few shots with some treats from my dad. He hopes she likes them.

So can I dive into these chocolates now? Or are these not really for me?

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