Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Heist

This bold project to save species on the brink has my full support. Have you seen The Cove yet? Well if you haven't, you definitely should. It's heartbreaking, but a must see. The Heist is a documentary with the same filmmakers of The Cove. Watch the video above and learn how you can help. I proudly made my donation today to help this amazing project and its efforts.

On a sad note, September 1, 2012, marks the beginning of the largest dolphin slaughter on the planet in Taiji, Japan in the cove. Keep the brave protestors in your thoughts and prayers. Can't wait until the day I can be more active. With Tad's permission, of course. You can help take action right now by signing the petition here.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rollin' On The River

Over the weekend we visited our dear friends, Alicia and Matt, in New Braunfels for a little R and R. She was determined that we float the river. You see, I had never done it. This was the original plan for my bachelorette party, but the weather was not quite hot enough. I think she was even more bummed for me than I was. Lucky for us, the weather was absolutely perfect this weekend so to the river we went. I can't believe I had never done this before. The San Marcos River was so beautiful and I've been missing out to say the least.

We sure did get a kick out of Tad's wristband. Oh really, Texas State Tubes? You're killin' me, but hey your tubes are pretty fun. I didn't take my camera on the river. I am clumsy enough with it on dry land, probably not the best idea to take pictures going through rapids. After we floated, we went to eat at the Tap Room in San Marcos. Alicia raved about their guacamole queso burger. Um, she was right. Definitely now in my top five favorite burgers.

So. Much. Queso. After our delicious lunch, the boys went night fishing and Alicia and I curled up on the couch to watch some movies. The weekend was a blast. Hey guys, come to Waco soon. We don't have a river to float, but we do have Ninfa's Mexican Restaurant and other foodie gems. Love love being newlyweds together!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Meet Me in St. Louis

I'll be the girl one fanny pack away from being the biggest tourist there ever was. I didn't realize how big of a tourist I am when visiting other states. Poor Tad. He probably gets so embarrassed when I whip that camera out. In between Birthday festivities for Twila, we were off to see the zoo and other tourist attractions in St. Louis, Missouri. Samantha wasn't in town yet so she missed out on some of these outings.

Let's be honest, I have some reservations on animals being held in captivity (don't get me started on Sea World), but I am a sucker for any opportunity I can play with one. Does that make sense? No. No, it probably doesn't. The next day we went to The Arch. We didn't actually take the tour because we heard it can get stuck. Not exactly my cup of tea, but it sure was beautiful!

St. Louis, you're a beauty. I'm sure we'll be back and I can't wait to explore more of this City.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our Weekend in Edwardsville

Last weekend we were off to Edwardsville, Illinois for Tad's grandma's 90th Birthday party. It was such a blast! So many fun Birthday festivities and time well spent with the Ellsworth clan. We stayed at Steve and Rae's beautiful home on the lake. Let me just say, they were the best hosts! Tad and I felt right at home and were especially fans of their awesome movie collection. Oh yes, back to the pictures. Tad fished a lot...

OK so we never actually had the time to stop and eat frozen custard at Annie's, but I really wanted to. There's always next time. The Birthday party was the best part. Twila looked so beautiful and happy. Like Samantha said, we partied like it was 1922.

Gosh how beautiful are my sister-in-laws?
The weekend couldn't have been more perfect. Oh how I wished sweet Jennie and all of the Ellsworth girls lived closer! They are so fun and really keep you on your toes. Already looking forward to our next trip to the Midwest.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Just a few pictures from my iPhone over the past few weeks. How summer-y do they look? Makes me a little sad it's coming to an end. We do have one more fun weekend planned with the Joneses soon! Oh, you spy the arch in St. Louis? More pictures to come from our wonderful trip to the Midwest last week for sweet Twila's Birthday.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Yesterday I was just having one of those days. I'm a firm believer that daydreaming is a great cure for the blues. I found myself daydreaming about:

1. Our trip to El Cosmico in the fall. Tad and I are pumped for Marfa. Food Shark, here we come.
2. These sunglasses. I'm not a huge sunglasses girl, but sometimes I just see a pair that I must have. These are that pair.
3. This amazing free people top. What's not to love? 
4. A neon dreamcatcher. 'Nuff said.
5. Having our own yard and this chair on the patio. The Acapulco Chair originated in Mexico in the 1950's. They are a little bit out of of my price range, but I hear not if you actually buy one in Acapulco. If anyone gets an itch to travel to Mexico, pick me up one?
6. Portland's one and only Voodoo Doughnut. Home of the Bacon Maple Bar. I will be in Oregon next month and happen to be staying a few blocks from this little shop. That's what I call fate, folks.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Dear Tad

Dear Tad,

I am so very proud of you for completing this summer quarter AND managing to get a clerkship before fall quarter begins. This means you graduate in May and also have some experience under your belt. Win, win for everyone. Getting pretty excited to see where we'll end up next summer.

Thanks for cooking me dinner every night even though I insist on helping. Maybe you're just afraid of my oven skills? I promise I'll get better. Keep your faith in me. But if you want to make vegetable alfredo pasta every night, that's fine too.

I love watching you get ready for work. You know the song "A Well Respected Man" by The Kinks? That's basically your daily morning soundtrack. You know why.

Can we eat at that Tex-Mex restaurant I've been begging asking to go to soon? You know how I feel about Tex-Mex. Give me some salsa and sour cream chicken enchiladas and see me next Tuesday.

Oh, just one more thing. I'm very much in love with you. Hope that's alright.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Krause Springs

My dear friend Cariño flew in from Chicago this weekend to get a little Texas sun. We got a group together and planned a laid back trip to Krause Springs. We made the drive to Spicewood which is about 30 miles west of Austin. The waterfall alone made the drive well worth it. If you came to our wedding, you might also recognize our DJ, Jeremy. He's such a hoot.
After our swimming hole adventure, we ate at Jack Allen's Kitchen in Austin. Of course my camera died after taking that picture because I'm really responsible when it comes to charging my electronics. Just know the meal was extremely delicious and I'm a little sad I'm just now being introduced to this restaurant. We had such a blast and never get tired of driving through the beautiful Hill Country. Can't wait until Cariño visits again in September!

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Bohemian Elegance Shoot

Be still my gypsy heart. Created by the talented Sweet Sunday Events and EE Photography. What's not to love? A teepee wedding, corn field and parade. Just call us the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club band. Seriously, can this be my life every day? Still so very happy Katy and Rachel asked me to be a part of this. Since I feel that I'm half gypsy, half mermaid it was right up my alley.

This shoot will be featured in the fall issue of Bliss Bridal Magazine in Austin. Don't forget to check it out! Note: Most of the pieces from this shoot made a new home in my closet. Don't be surprised if you see me sporting these dreamy threads. Southern Hippie in Georgetown might just be my new favorite shopping spot. If you haven't been there, it's a must see! They also have Baby Hippie for the littles. Too stinkin' cute.