Tuesday, November 29, 2011


When we made our little trip to Austin last weekend, we had the pleasure of meeting my sister for dinner. I don't see her enough and I'm kind of obsessed with her so I'm always overjoyed to see her pretty little face. She suggested Herbert's Taco Hut in San Marcos. The girl knows her Tex-Mex and I couldn't be more proud. OK so I know I'm always talking about food, but I promise I hit the gym. Sometimes. Kandee and I ordered something traditional and Tad ordered a chilli relleno. This is his absolute favorite thing to order I tell ya.

Just looking at these pictures make me want to go back. So wonderfully delicious. Tex Mex + Kandee + Tad  = perfect combination. She was also telling me about a gourmet peanut butter and jelly food truck in San Marvelous. Sign me up, please.


  1. Herbies was our favorite when we lived in San Marcos! Alicia, Nat and I ate there almost every Thursday night before we watched Grey's Anatomy... Shameless. -H

  2. There's also one 5 min from our place in NB...y'all come eat with me sometime!