Monday, April 16, 2012


My bachelorette party kind of rocked. I wanted something very relaxing and chill because that is my idea of a crazy good time. It was oh so laid back and perfect. Right up my alley. My friends also threw me the sweetest lingerie party a.k.a. lingerie guessing game. They named each piece and I had to guess who it was from. Then the groom gets to pick out what pieces to bring on the honeymoon by the name alone. Ladies, you'll never believe what he chose. We also poked fun of a new, trendy acronym. Watch the video and it won't be hard to figure out.

*music by Black Keys


  1. Who knew you had so many talents with that camera! You are simply the best in oh so many ways! I am dying to hear if Lenora made that list haha! Either way, he's in for some treats for sure :)

    love you,
    Kiki aka Mrs. Jones

  2. Kiki, the best part is your modeling by the tree. I die. Amazing. Oh, and he chose Lusty Lacy Lenora as one. We all saw that coming! You know how to throw a party. Luff ya.

  3. Love all of the shots of me eating food. Just sums up the weekend! But really, it captures our lovely time ;-) YOLO.

  4. Kaci,

    It looks like ya'll had lots of fun! Take lots of pics of everything for us old married ladies who can't be there, especially of the wedding. Muah, you cousin, Erika