Monday, March 25, 2013

Girl's Day Out

Our sweet mama's Birthday is today so we went to Austin for a little celebrating this weekend. By celebrating I mean eating delicious food and going shopping. What other way is there? We spent Sunday afternoon at the Domain. I haven't had a girl's day with these ladies in such a long time. Oh how I miss it! I've also discovered that I could probably live in H&M. I was actually still in there yesterday when they shut off the lights. True story.

Happy Birthday mama and aunt Carol! Love those twins.

P.S. I made this vine video of me and Kandee goofing around while shopping for sunglasses. I don't know how I feel about vine yet. It seems a wee bit intrusive for me, but it's kind of fun so hey why not? We'll see how I long I keep up with these social media shenanigans.

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