Monday, April 8, 2013

Mediterranean & Museums

Tad and I are hobbits and do love our quiet activities at home, but we were eager to get out of the house this weekend. We enjoyed a tasty Mediterranean lunch on Saturday at the Al Miraj. Boy was it delicious. The restaurant also serves Pakistani and Indian food. Finally, Waco! This place is the real deal down to music. "Arabian Nights" kept playing over and over in my head during our meal (Aladdin is kind of my thing). 

We weren't ready to go home after lunch quite yet so we decided to check out some local museums and libraries. By some, I mean every one. I am not lying when I say we visited every museum in Waco. We were on the hunt for a free one. No such luck there. Our next mission is to find free, fun things to do in Waco. Who doesn't love free?

Try not to let Tad's face scare you in that romantic couple shot. Still deciding if it's the sunglasses or just that smile that makes him look so sinister. That's my husband. And why I love him.

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