Thursday, June 20, 2013


Longest hiatus ever! Whoa. Things have been all kinds of crazy lately. Tad takes the bar in July and has been studying like a mad man. He will get his results back in November and we will see where a job takes us. In the meantime, we are enjoying the country life and love living close to family and friends.

Between Tad studying for the bar and me adjusting to country living, June has been anything but uneventful. I've always been a City girl so I'm new to sharing a home with creepy crawlers and other fun insects. In fact, I got a very warm welcome to the country recently. One night after Tad and I feel asleep last week, I woke up to a sting on my leg. I could probably sleep during an earthquake so this sting packed a punch. I had no clue what it was so I gently shook my leg and didn't think much of it. Boy was I wrong. A few seconds later, I felt another sting on the back of the same leg. I knew this was NOT good. Let me also say that I am blind as a bat without contacts or glasses so there was really no point in me trying to take a look. Curiosity still got the best of me and I uncovered the sheets. There it was. A little night crawler. Since I can't see, I immediately woke Tad up to identify what on earth stung my leg. He jumped up, killed it and wouldn't tell me what it was. I honestly didn't want to know. Come the morning, I just had to know.

Stung by a what? A scorpion. Twice. Let that rock you to sleep tonight. There have been no more encounters. Thank the Lord! I did however see a stick insect yesterday. Have you ever seen one? Do yourself a favor and google this. Craziest little creature, that one.

So there that is. Spending time with scorpions and swimming pools. Call me crazy, but I wouldn't have this adventure any other way. Except for maybe the scorpion. Let's hope that never happens again.

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