Monday, September 16, 2013

Meet Krycek

Meet our new cat. This is Krycek (named after an X-Files character, of course). So he isn't exactly new, but this is basically the first time I could snap a picture. Not because he is camera shy, but because he never really stops moving. He is one active feline. He is mad as a hatter, but we love him. By we I mean I. Tad is still trying to get past the litter box and him destroying various household items. Never a dull moment! He is definitely a little blessing and I am thankful Samantha thought of us when he needed a home.

I was really missing the animal life after Klifford decided to leave us to live with my parents' chihuahuas. Yes, he decided. He wasn't happy unless he was with my dad. I didn't want to believe it, but they are truly inseparable. Seriously. If you see my dad driving around town, Klifford is in the passenger seat. Lucky for me, they visit on weekends and I have a crazed cat who keeps me on my toes.

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