Thursday, January 19, 2012


Oh my lands! Can't believe the little showers are beginning. Where did this year go? It feels like just yesterday I got the phone call Matt proposed to my favorite Alicia. The "Stock-the-Bar" shower got me pumped for more bridal festivities to come in February.

Aren't they gorgeous? It's a little ridiculous. They're also very laid back and hip. Yeah, hip.

Reunited and it feels so good. Haven't seen some of these girls in ages.

Well, Natalie and Holley look cute. Tad, we've done better.

Just love their beaming faces as they're opening gifts. So happy and so in love.

Isn't that little munchkin the cutest? 

Oh and don't worry about me looking so concerned as the secretary of gifts. I blanked out how to spell words like "daiquiri" and "balloon" throughout the night. I'm usually a spelling champ. Too bad Alicia will never believe it after reading that list.

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  1. Kaci,

    I just love the pics of the shower. Please tell Tadd that he did a great job!!!!!!