Monday, January 23, 2012


Being in the front row at a Mason Jennings concert, standing next to Tad, made me weak at the knees. And not just because I'd been standing for four hours. Tad got me tickets for my Birthday and we went to see him Saturday at The Parish. Such a cozy, intimate venue! It was my favorite date with Tad thus far. Tad has been making me mixed CDs since we were 16. Most of these CDs have Mason on them. There were many times he was trying to tell me something with his music and I was pretty aloof.

I've never been so emotionally overwhelmed at a concert. It took everything I had to keep it together. Pathetic, I know. We shared so many little moments and it was just the sweetest thing. Sigh.

Never heard of this fine musician? Give these little tunes a listen:
  1. Be Here Now
  2. Keepin It Real
  3. Raindrops On the Kitchen Floor
  4. Living In the Moment
  5. Sorry Signs On Cash Machines
  6. Your New Man
  7. Fighter Girl
  8. Butterfly
  9. Which Way Your Heart Will Go

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