Monday, March 5, 2012


I just love how Chelsea captured us in true form in this picture. Awkward and awesome. Two months! Someone needs to pinch me because I don't even believe it. I'm getting pretty ansy about everything. Ready to be a newlywed with this man. One thing I'm just loving at this time is the amazing showers hosted by sweet friends and family. So blessed and thankful for their support. I'll be sharing pictures of my first bridal shower very soon. It was just darling! Can't say enough wonderful things about it. We also start pre-marital counseling this month. Wonder if Tad will finally realize what he's getting into? 
Speaking of countdown, my best friend gets married in just five days! Please be praying for peace and calmness for her during this special time. It is such an exciting day, but there's no doubt it can get a wee bit stressful. I'm so very excited about her wedding. Even a little more than mine. Is that weird? Eh, she feels the same way.

*Tad corrected me regarding the Birthday post. He said his favorite thing is in fact me. I kind of knew that, but don't like to toot my own horn.

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  1. Two months til we're officially related! We are all so pumped! This whole weekend was so fun! We love you