Thursday, March 22, 2012


The cutest little view from our kitchen window.

Folks, meet the newlywed nest. After house hunting for what seems like ages, we have signed a lease on this lovely little loft. We fell in love with a house, but it just didn't work out. Before our hearts could get too disappointed, we found this little gem. It's kind of perfect for us. Great location, hardwood floors, SO much natural lighting, free water, and did I mention it's down the street from our favorite Pershall family? It sure is.

I move in this weekend and will hold down the fort until Tad joins me in May. Klifford will also be joining us after the honeymoon. My dad offered to keep him until then. Note: My dad is completely obsessed with that chihuahua. Don't know that I'll ever get him back. So there that is. We are a wee bit excited.

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