Monday, September 24, 2012

A Flores Family Dinner

We had a lovely dinner on Friday night with my grandparents, sister, dad and little Klifford. His hungry eyes were killing me. Tad was a little scared to make Mexican food because my grandparents are tough critics, but his Creamy Poblano Pepper Soup was a hit. The only thing that lacked was homemade chile. My pineapple salsa just didn't cut the mustard. Did I mention Irene brought her homemade tortillas? I live for those.

Best part of the evening? Irene wouldn't leave until she washed every single one of the dishes. This is typical Irene nature. I wasn't complaining. When I worked retail, she would come visit me and next thing I knew she was folding all of the clothing. I would always laugh and insist she stop, but then I just embraced it. Hard working woman that one. We love having family over and can't wait to have more over again soon.


  1. I love your abuelos. I also love Klifford.