Monday, December 31, 2012

10 Years Ago

10 years ago today I was getting ready for a date that I now know changed my life. It was New Year's Eve and I was ready to start 2003 with someone I was pretty crazy about in 2002. The night began in the company of some high school friends. I was trying to scheme the best way to sneak out of our friend's house when no one was looking. You see, leaving a get together with friends to hang out with a younger boy wasn't exactly the cool thing to do at that time. That night, I didn't care. Luckily my cousin was dating my date's best friend at the time so I had a partner in crime. I remember being so excited on that 15 minute drive to Salado. You know that feeling when something is so new and the possibilities are endless? That's what I was feeling. 
The best part of the night was when the clock struck 12. I got my New Year's kiss. Did I also mention this was our first kiss? Talk about pressure. I don't have much experience with the whole New Year's kiss at midnight thing, but I can see how it could be on the awkward side. We joke about this night all of the time. I'm sure I had caked on the bronzer and he was wearing his staple Doors T-Shirt. What a pair we were! All I know is that kiss was magic and God was doing something big things in our lives.

Tonight will be a little different. That boy from New Year's Eve 10 years ago is now my husband. He no longer weighs 100 pounds soaking wet and I'm no longer ashamed he's a wee bit younger than me. What hasn't changed is the feeling I felt on that night. Sure, it may not be new anymore, but he still gives me butterflies when he looks at me from across the room. I'm still pretty excited for midnight and to ring in the new year with my favorite boy. Here's to the best New Year's Eve date there ever was.

P.S. How about Tad's photo booth skills? I think he was confused about switching the poses up. Something we'll be sure to work on in 2013.


  1. I would "Like" this if it was on FaceBook.. Hint

  2. I know, I know. Who doesn't have FB these days? We'll see what 2013 holds!