Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Christmas Casa

I absolutely love this time of year and having the Christmas spirit in our home. Didn't exactly realize how expensive Christmas decorations can be when starting from scratch. Yikes. We decided to go with a minimalist theme this year if you will. We purchased our pre-lit Christmas tree and ornaments from Family Dollar. It was a steal! Let's be honest, I love that store. It might not be the fluffiest tree on the block, but it's perfect for us this year. We also purchased little decorations from Ikea. The star for our tree was $1. Sold.

Our advent calendar is a little Christmas town. How cute is that? Every house has their own story. I simply printed these off from here and we just cut and folded away. Voila!

I just had to have this adorable ceramic deer head from Target. My justification is that it doesn't necessarily have to be up for Christmas only. This can be up all year. Tad, hold me to that. In the summer, we can spruce him up with a pair of sunglasses.

Already setting my sights on stockings and a beautiful Nativity Set for next year. As the years go on I hope our Christmas decorations become more colorful and bright and well, even a little tacky.  I didn't know that making these Holiday memories with Tad could be as wonderful as those as a kid, but they are. Overflowing with joy and thankfulness this month.

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