Monday, July 30, 2012

Galveston Getaway: Part One

We took a getaway trip to Galveston to visit Tad's friend Alexander from law school. He is doing a clerkship there this summer and invited us to come down to enjoy the beach with him and his sweet wife Danielle. Boy are we glad we took him up on this! We soaked up the sun, ate entirely too much fried seafood and pranced around the island. I even practiced my acrobatic skills on the beach in spirit of the Olympics (wee bit obsessed with the sport they call gymnastics).

By the way, the humidity there was insane. My hair was not having it so that hat never left my head. If it did, I made Tad wear it so I didn't have to hold it. He was less than thrilled. He definitely gets a gold star for being such a trooper.

See more Galveston here.

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