Monday, July 2, 2012

A Summer Day at Barton Springs

Funny thing about this summer day is it didn't feel at all like summer. One word to describe this experience: hypothermia. OK I'm being dramatic, but there were a few moments when my entire body was absolutely numb. The water temperature at Barton Springs averages about 68 degrees throughout the year. Which is great for summers in Texas. That is when the temperature isn't 85 degrees outside. We kept telling ourselves the sun was going to shine any minute. While that never happened, we still had so much fun! Tad made friendly with the locals, we witnessed a gypsy raindance and enjoyed a little live music. This swimming hole is the place to be. Unfortunately, the raindance worked and our swimming fun was over. We hope to go back again soon.

I also came to the realization my husband might be a model. He looked so good coming out of those waters while I looked like swamp creature. I wonder what his secret is? Until next time, Austin!

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