Monday, October 22, 2012

A Halloween Treat

'Tis the season of the witch or shall I say King Kong? I was out and about with my sister and mom in Temple on Sunday and we came across the most amazing Halloween spirit in the world. Yes, in the world. This local artist creates a Halloween display in his front yard every year and this year he did not disappoint. If you can't tell, we had a field day with the pictures. We loved looking at everything up close and personal. No detail unnoticed! We were simply in awe. Did I mention he made this out of leftover scraps and trash?  He is my Halloween hero. Tad, please take notes.


  1. omigosh I saw that when I was running and thought of you right away! I knew you'd love it.

  2. You know me too well! I would've loved to see your face when you were running and stumbled across this yard. You just don't see it coming!