Sunday, October 7, 2012

Our First Fall Family Tradition

Tad and I have been talking about new family traditions since the day we were married. Our latest is to pick the perfect pumpkin from a local pumpkin patch every fall. The weather was so crisp this week and couldn't have been more perfect for this occasion.

I haven't been to a pumpkin patch since I was a little girl. I thought we would just find one pumpkin and be on our merry way. Who was I kidding? Before I knew it, we had six pumpkins in all shapes and sizes. I just couldn't stop. I've always been obsessed with anything pumpkin, but now it's at a whole new level. Can't wait to carve this jack-o'-lantern soon! Halloween is my second favorite holiday and I am beyond ready for more pumpkins, horror movies and candy overload.


  1. These are the sweetest pictures ever! Yall are like a living fairy tale. OH! I hope you got that bumpy one Tad is touching because it looks super creepy. Happy Halloween love!

  2. You are so so sweet, Jadie! We were loving that bumpy one. Nothing better than a creepy pumpkin!