Wednesday, October 31, 2012

No Tricks, Just Treats


Celebrating my second favorite holiday. Happy Halloween! How cute is Klifford in his costume? He really loved hamming howling it up for the camera on that pumpkin. Big thanks to my mom for buying this for my little werewolf.

Decorating anything and everything fall with a hint of Halloween. Lots of candy corn garland and fluffing flower poms happening over here. I can't help myself. I'm sure Tad already can't wait for the next season. Who's excited for all of the festive decor to go on sale tomorrow? Me.

Sad that our pretty pumpkin might not make it to Halloween night. It is burnt out. Literally. For some reason Tad thought it would be the perfect night light. No joke. It never even saw the light of day, just our room. Sigh. Poor little pumpkin.

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