Tuesday, November 13, 2012

An Inside Picnic Kind of Day

We had a beautiful picnic planned outside this weekend. Fried chicken, potato salad, you name it. There were a few reasons as to why this did not happen. First of all, it was way too chilly outside to be frolicking in the grass. Also, my husband loves Taco Bell and decided he just had to have it. So we improvised a little and this is what we got. A Taco Bell picnic inside on a Mexican blanket. We know how to keep the romance alive.

P.S. Words really can't describe how much Tad loves Taco Bell. I will be out of town all week and something tells me this will be his meal of choice while I'm away.


  1. Somehow you made Taco Bell look gourmet, nice job! Taco Bell is such an underrated picnic food.

  2. I know those nachos anywhere!! :) Tad has a great taste in food lol

    1. Those nachos are the best! i always try to order something different, but they get me every time.