Wednesday, November 28, 2012


We were cruising down FM 170 a.k.a. River Road this weekend when we stumbled upon this rancheria. It is sitting on the Rio Grande river. A beautiful place if I do say so myself. Funny thing is this place was never a real village. It was constructed in 1985 for a border-western comedy. My grandpa is always watching a western. Always. He would've been in heaven. Brooks & Dunn also filmed the music video "My Maria" here. I mean, that's a good enough reason for me to stop and explore.

How crazy is it that Mexico is just across this river? We thought about swimming across and visiting some ancestors of mine. Not really, but I would love to go to Mexico soon. The culture in this area is so vibrant and unique. The best of both worlds. Borderland is a magical place. 

Next stop: Terlingua! See more of our West Texas road trip here.

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