Monday, November 19, 2012

Suspension Bridge Outing

This weekend we had a tasty Starbucks date at the Suspension Bridge. You guys, the chai eggnog latte a.k.a. cheg is back! It is only my favorite Holiday drink in the world. It also didn't hurt we had a Starbucks gift card (thanks, mom). This called for a celebration. The weather was perfect and we wanted any excuse to be outside.

I can't believe I've never been to this bridge before. Clearly I'm missing out. We went just before sunset and I have to say I highly recommend this. It was a pretty typical date for us. Flirting, me channeling my inner Carly Simon, Tad capturing awkward pictures of me, etc. After this we caught a movie and I talked Tad into cooking chili. Again. It was basically the Saturday of my dreams. Why can't every day be Saturday?

Oh, and pay no attention to me blowing kisses to Tad in that last picture. Just make note of that dreamy lighting. Sigh.  

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