Friday, May 18, 2012


Klifford. Beauford. Kleef. Werewolf. You're a man of many names. I'm so sorry you haven't joined us yet in Waco. I know you're loving your life with the other chihuahuas in Temple. We can't wait to bring you up here next month. So many people are anxiously awaiting your arrival. You even have your own bedroom. Tad is just thrilled.

To make up for lost time, Tad and I will be scooping you up next weekend for a little trip to Austin. Your favorite. Food trucks, thrifting and so many strangers to befriend (or bark at). Just wanted you to know you have not been forgotten. Do tell grandpa John to keep sending me pictures of your outings together. I loved the shot of you playing with ducks at the park. Making mama so proud. Miss your bug eyes and Frito smelling feet. See you very soon, little one.

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