Monday, May 21, 2012


Tad and I are finally getting settled in Waco and it's now time for us to hunt down the best places to eat. We are trying to save our pretty little pennies and won't be able to dine out too much, so we want it to be pretty amazing when we do. We went to Dubl-R Old Fashioned Burgers on Saturday for lunch. That burger. I die. I ordered the bacon cheeseburger and it was all kinds of delicious. Best burger I've ever had next to Hut's Hamburgers in Austin. We love our burgers and will surely be going back soon.

After lunch, we checked out the local flea market. Tad fell in love with a pair of cowboy boots. Much to his dismay, they are still there. We did get a steal of a deal on some limes for our fish taco dinner that evening. Sometimes you just can't beat the flea market.


  1. you have to eat at uncle dan's bbq! BEST!!!!! and please eat a chopped beef sandwich for me! i miss it terribly! we'll have to meet up next time i'm visiting.

  2. Uncle Dan's it is! Noted. Love me some good BBQ. Please let me know when you're in town next. I'd love to see you and the darling kiddos!