Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Tad and I hosted our first dinner party on Saturday night at the newlywed nest. We invited Tad's friend from law school, Alexander, and his sweet wife over for dinner as a token of appreciation for all of his help moving us in. Her friend was also visiting that weekend so she tagged along too. The more the merrier! Both girls are hairdressers. Of course I just love that (a little hair obsessed over here).

We made the fanciest fish tacos you've ever seen. This was our first dinner party so as you can see we went a little overboard. We're new at this. Next time you can probably expect to see more Tupperware dishes, less fancy schmancy. After I set the table, my job was basically done so I could just put my feet up, literally. Tad and Alexander grilled the fish and boy was it delicious.

Definitely eyeing the cutest vintage Siesta Ware on Etsy for summer dinner parties and barbecues. We can't wait to have more friends and family over soon. Summer get-togethers are calling our name. 


  1. How fun and cute is this?! You look like the hostess with the mostest for sure! Now I'm dying to see the nest even more than before - Alicia

  2. We're dying for you and Matt to come up here! Seriously already planning a barbeque party with you two. Double date city, here we come.