Friday, August 10, 2012

Dear Tad

Dear Tad,

I am so very proud of you for completing this summer quarter AND managing to get a clerkship before fall quarter begins. This means you graduate in May and also have some experience under your belt. Win, win for everyone. Getting pretty excited to see where we'll end up next summer.

Thanks for cooking me dinner every night even though I insist on helping. Maybe you're just afraid of my oven skills? I promise I'll get better. Keep your faith in me. But if you want to make vegetable alfredo pasta every night, that's fine too.

I love watching you get ready for work. You know the song "A Well Respected Man" by The Kinks? That's basically your daily morning soundtrack. You know why.

Can we eat at that Tex-Mex restaurant I've been begging asking to go to soon? You know how I feel about Tex-Mex. Give me some salsa and sour cream chicken enchiladas and see me next Tuesday.

Oh, just one more thing. I'm very much in love with you. Hope that's alright.

1 comment:

  1. Aw, that made me all tingly inside. And that's sayin' something, coming from the girl who didn't shed a tear during The Notebook.