Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rollin' On The River

Over the weekend we visited our dear friends, Alicia and Matt, in New Braunfels for a little R and R. She was determined that we float the river. You see, I had never done it. This was the original plan for my bachelorette party, but the weather was not quite hot enough. I think she was even more bummed for me than I was. Lucky for us, the weather was absolutely perfect this weekend so to the river we went. I can't believe I had never done this before. The San Marcos River was so beautiful and I've been missing out to say the least.

We sure did get a kick out of Tad's wristband. Oh really, Texas State Tubes? You're killin' me, but hey your tubes are pretty fun. I didn't take my camera on the river. I am clumsy enough with it on dry land, probably not the best idea to take pictures going through rapids. After we floated, we went to eat at the Tap Room in San Marcos. Alicia raved about their guacamole queso burger. Um, she was right. Definitely now in my top five favorite burgers.

So. Much. Queso. After our delicious lunch, the boys went night fishing and Alicia and I curled up on the couch to watch some movies. The weekend was a blast. Hey guys, come to Waco soon. We don't have a river to float, but we do have Ninfa's Mexican Restaurant and other foodie gems. Love love being newlyweds together!

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  1. why did i just look at this? the only thing i can really think about now is going to the tap room!