Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Yesterday I was just having one of those days. I'm a firm believer that daydreaming is a great cure for the blues. I found myself daydreaming about:

1. Our trip to El Cosmico in the fall. Tad and I are pumped for Marfa. Food Shark, here we come.
2. These sunglasses. I'm not a huge sunglasses girl, but sometimes I just see a pair that I must have. These are that pair.
3. This amazing free people top. What's not to love? 
4. A neon dreamcatcher. 'Nuff said.
5. Having our own yard and this chair on the patio. The Acapulco Chair originated in Mexico in the 1950's. They are a little bit out of of my price range, but I hear not if you actually buy one in Acapulco. If anyone gets an itch to travel to Mexico, pick me up one?
6. Portland's one and only Voodoo Doughnut. Home of the Bacon Maple Bar. I will be in Oregon next month and happen to be staying a few blocks from this little shop. That's what I call fate, folks.


  1. What Part of Oregon Will You Be Staying?

  2. Be careful with those donuts at Voodoo, K. I heard they make some CRAZY concoctions over there.

    1. Just got back. Went a little crazy with those voodoo doughnuts! Wish I could've brought some back for you, D!